Quotations From GING TAPING

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  • It's not what you wear but how you wear it.
    It's not the expensive clothes or fancy make up that matters.. It's how you carry yourself that matters most...
  • It's because we're different from each other.
    That we have so much to share..
    Meeting someone new from all walks of life, from different race.Its nice to know and share each other's culture and beliefs,
  • It's easy to give advice.
    when you're not in the same situation...
    Sometimes you are good in giving advice...but find it hard when you're in the same situation
  • When I am alone it doesn't mean I am lonely,
    When I am lonely it doesn't mean I am alone'...
    Sometimes you need to be yourself.
  • If it is feel good....do it..
    Don't care what others think about what you're doing. as long as you did not hurt them.
  • I realized I can never go wrong w/your love..
    YOUR love is my guidance,
  • Time heals wound..
    But the scars leaves a mark
    Time can heal the pain, but the memory still remain
  • Don't wait for tomorrow,
    What you can do for today.
    Do the things you need to do now when you can do it now
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