Quotations From GRACE MARINER

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  • Arrogance, youth and stupidity are a deadly combination indeed!
    Referencing new nurses who have no idea how to care for a patient and believe because of their degree they should be in management
  • I will never regret meeting you. I will always regret losing you.
    Loss of true love
  • Some of the best orgasms I ever had, I was the only person in the room
    Surviving lonliness
  • Cats are crafty, evil clowns who are only a breath away of their true instinct which is to rip our throats out and eat our eyeballs, and I'm okay with that.
    Cats...gotta love 'em!
  • I fear the fraying away of my mind much more than the fraying away of my body. My greatest fear is not remembering your face
    Loss of my beloved for now and possibly always
  • Why am I so intoxicated from toxicity?
    Bad choices
  • Inconsistency is the most consistent cause of chaos.
  • We freaks will always out number the normals
  • Anger born of pain is misnamed, it is simply grief
    Pain and loss
  • I will never fit in your box! I am too round, my edges too sharp!
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