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  • We will finally die, just like them who came before us. The larger population, just like our formers, will be forgotten and written off as if they never graced this planet. They will be like the future. They never existed.
    A few will be remembered for the impact they created to mankind either positive or negative during their spell. The love or hate, care or torment, passion or indifferent they showed to their subjects was jotted down in history books and the future generations will use to weigh their present situations.
  • We are living at a time where Kardashian becomes so famous for exposing her nude butt in public and Julius is ridiculed for expressing support in Femi's Paradox concept of ETs' probables.
  • When a man asks a woman if she is straight, that will be an insult, because men don't admire straight women.
    No. Men admire curvaceous women.
    And curvaceous women are not straight, they are curved.
  • We are living at a time when ignorance is the thing of the day and knowing is nothing at all
  • In the grand scheme of things, there must be an explanation to the arrangement of the cosmos, the sun, the galaxies, the stars, planets and their continued journeys around or past each other and without a collision or 'accident'. A deity must be somewhere up there or below, who is looking at us secretly and watching every move we make and using some genius method to let the moons spin around planets, planets around the sun and holding the sun in the vastness of space.
    Existence of a Deity
  • Love may not always last, but kissing on camera will surely last, as far as the clip isnt deleted.
    love and time
  • There are two kinds of people;
    1.Those who will burn in Hell
    2.Those who will watch those burning in Hell
    You have a choice to decide you destiny, and approve your fate.
    people, heaven and hell
  • Bragging about beauty is useless. Just like flowers, beauty is seasonal. Immortalized beauty cannot benefit a soul, wisdom and knowledge will.
    Beauty and time
  • Naivety is not a disease, ignorance is.
    An ignorant soul has no remedy.
  • If I am forced to a wall and made to choose between Islam and Hinduism, I am afraid I will take the cow.
    I will worship my cow and later slaughter it for a certain or whichever ceremony.
    I will always go to the market and buy another god if need of a god arise.
    Hinduism and Islam
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