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  • you can't resist sin until you give your life to Christ.
  • Once there is determination, there is no obstacle.
    Its nice
  • once there is determination, there is no obstacle.
  • From the creation of the earth, human beings have this believe of a true one God and that believe has lived for many centuries
    God is still in existance
  • Sword can only kill the flesh but wicked words kills the soul and flesh
  • Happiness is the best nourishment for the body
  • Music can heal a paraliysed person
  • The most gentle is the most dengerous
  • Without suffering there is no understanding
    If a man has not been in a bad situation he will not understand his fellow man when the man needs him to understand him
  • Some poor men are not sometimes rich, but they grow to be the richest
    A person from a poor family will not only be rich but will be the richest
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