Quotations From KYVIN NASH

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  • ''when faith goes to the market, it takes a basket''
    by: kyvin nash
  • from encouraged perception, comes strong identity.
    by: kyvin nash 26-05-15
  • money can buy you everything but God.
    by: kyvin nash
  • failure its a good lesson but to those willing to succeed
    by: kyvin nash
  • change the perception of a child, you've changed the direction of the future.
    by: kyvin nash 06/06/15
  • basically true love is made of two parts, the sweet and the sour, if you've been on the sour surely you would appreciate the sweeter
    by: kyvin nash 05/06/15
  • usually it is not circumstances that makes people unhappy, but their attitude in those circumstances
    kyvin nash 09-06-15
  • The world is not as we see but as people do so is our world.
    Kyvinnash 28/08/15
  • A wise man seize every chance he gets, but a fool curses his lot.
    Kyvin NASH 27/10/15
  • The can't be a worse or miserable position that one can be, than to be a Christian who is trying to fit in with the world
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