Quotations From MAMUTTY CHOLA


  • Corporate self-deception is the biggest barrier to innovation.
    The first quote's focus is on human mind fixation
  • Even the most beautiful roses have thorns
    Life is never a bed of roses but  thorns as well.
    self explanatory
  • Nothing will stop even  after you have  gone
    Many came and went before  you but show goes on
    no one is indispensable
  • An archaeologist  has a passion  for any thing old.
    His  love  for old increases with passage of time.
    Old is gold goes the saying
  • We say  means  must justify the ends. But I say there are no ends all are means including  your goal in life which is means to achieve  your cherished dreams  in life.! ! ! Change being permanent, all achievements are transient. Hence the struggles  of humanity are on  till eternity,
    nothing is permanent except change, Hence goal is final.All successes are like transit camps.
  • In terms  of my corporate experience both in PSU and pvt sector.the unethical conducts have had   more serious consequences on the  health of organization in the  long run   than the  criminal conducts.The genesis  of sick units  and never before all  time high NPA cases BOTH  IN PSU AND PRIVATE SECTOR are rooted in unethical - CHALTA HAIN  CULTURE OF  THESES COMPANIES. Ethics is the  foundation on which rests edifice of all  human enterprises. BE IT FAMILY, COMPANY, SOCIETY OR NATION.
    Ethics is the  foundation on which rests edifice of all social structures
  • Many  a time  I  am witness to that spectacle of life,
    People are silent but dialogue  is on among them.
    language of silence is more powerful than verbal
  • Create qualities of mirror within you
    Even after being crushed into pieces
    Emerges like phoenix retaining its originality.
    Real is real and fake is fake
  • Do you know the  main difference  between mirror and wine?
    Mirror reveals our external and wine internal qualities.
  • Given the  never ending  distress arising out 
    of greed based corruption, our souls feel our 
    body is  like a prison and have  decided,
    On liberation after death, to request God 
    not to give the  same punishment again.! !
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