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  • God is axiomatic; he needs no definition nor explanation. When you doubt just take a long look around you.
    Mark Anthony St. Rose
  • True education begins and ends with self-knowledge. Therefore like the true self it is boundless; it has no end.
    Mark-Anthony St. Rose
  • There can be no higher purpose nor duty than to share and teach love.
    Mark- Anthony St. Rose
  • Life is a journey of mind. And man is the vessel that carries this mind. Therefore based on this premise it is safe to conclude that man does not evolve, but mind does.
    Mark-Anthony St. Rose
  • If earth cannot touch the sublime edges of Heaven, then I propose that we bring Heaven down to earth so that all men may taste even temporarily of its infinite sweetness.
    Mark-Anthony St. Rose
  • The more we adhere to and defend our political system, the more we become prisoners of our colonial past. But we must resolve to become fearless forgers of our future, my brothers and sisters.
    Mark-Anthony St. Rose
  • The issue of Christ dying for mankind, and the view that we must accept this reality in order to be saved, may be a little skewed in my opinion.
    What the symbol or reality of Christ's life and death teaches to me is the issue of self-sacrifice. Thus, it is through this action we are thereby saved. That is the real crux of the matter. Amen.
    Mark-Anthony St. Rose
  • When you serve the Universe, the Universe in turn serves you. This I have tested to be true.
    Mark-Anthony St. Rose
  • The truest pursuit is the pursuance of truth.
    Mark-Anthony St. Rose
  • Man may make me a slave in this world, but God will make me a king in his kingdom, once him I humbly serve.
    Mark_ Anthony St. Rose
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