Quotations From PERSIAN KHUSHI

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  • Oh no mighty oak,
    I love thee,
    Reared and played around your wise trunk
    Years of stories and dreams I've yet to live
    internal reflection
  • Moonlight Rendezvous
    The moon light's the nocturnal path
    for beloveds' to dance
    vampires to hunt
    moths to caress the crowns
    of blooming moon flowers
    and for restful beauty sleeps
  • I do not wish anymore,
    I want what my heart desires
    My mind is set on you
    heart's desire
  • I find it impossible to hate,
    though I keep my distance,
    I pray for the well being of my worst enemy.
  • the clouds in your eyes,
    are the tears in mine
  • When you feel sad and and you don't know why,
    but it feels as though you have lost your best friend,
    fall on your knees and speak to Allah swt,
    His door is always open.
  • Success in not your bank balance,
    Or your worldly gain
    but it is about how many will remember,
    love and miss you
    years after your demise.
  • When a wife is respected and loved as promised to Allah swt,
    she becomes ten times the woman she was,
    the coolness of her husband's eyes.
    and visa versa, the husband to his wife
  • When I can't sleep
    I spend time in prayer
    and remember all those
    who asked for dua'
    to reflect and make istighfar(ask forgiveness) for my transgression
    I get lost in thoughts bouncing
    off the corridors of my mind
    the words flow like an endless
  • Al Qur'an is my way of life,
    Kalimah Shahadah defines me
    My hijab(headscarf) liberates me
    Though Islam will be a stranger to this world
    My last breath will be Allah swt
    and Beloved Rasool saw
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