Quotations From RICH SOOS

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  • prayer acts as referee
    between the heart and mind
    from the poem 'beneath whispers' by r soos
  • I grow flaming lungs
    to blow the ocean back
    from the poem 'gulls' by r soos
  • I laugh because I'm in command
    from the poem 'the surf' by r soos
  • reality is a drunken feeling
    from poem and book title by r soos (1978)
  • the piano knows the words that dwell
    deep in the soul of all who desire
    mercy for their commanded lives
    from the poem California Breeze by r soos
  • behind simple foolishness is a tongue calloused by imagination
    from the poem 'reading' by r soos
  • graves will fill deep and set by time, with everyone living in a hurry to escape the inevitable sleep
    from the poem 'graves will fill' by r soos
  • I make plans to review my weaknesses and repair my faults, then eat and drink and watch the list burn in the candle lit for that purpose
    from the poem 'I make plans' by r soos
  • the clock never thinks to stop
    it measures our hearts our dreams
    and laughs at the wind
    from the poem 'the clock' by r soos
  • there is no need for speaking
    with more than our eyes
    from the poem 'mom' by r soos
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