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  • There is always a life beyond, Never think it is end, The end is for new life
  • What we do, give, take, all for one reason. 'satiety.'
  • Things fade over time but virtues of deeds prolog life long-long
  • Don't waste your time judging others, Give them what you have so they learn.
  • Who gives hope to the society a is leader. Begins a lead and people follow.
  • Don't annoy anyone. Don't know who shall accompany during bad days
  • Hard work alone is no criteria for achievements. Growth comes when you target right thing at right time at right place. And attempts till luck is on your side
  • Success! Always success is like losing each time, because you don't experience other side of life
  • A Fruit tastes nothing first... Then sour and sour/sweet, becomes sweet purely... Sweetness when reaches extreme begins to rot... Ends up landing on land finally... Gives its seeds to land... Land a mother Fertiles and nourishes till forms tree... So can bear and feed fruit again... This is the love story of plants/trees and land... With rest similar but a different story... Through out life, seek energy as food and breath... When depart give back whatever has... Depth of connection is like mother and child... Don't underestimate togetherness, are meant for each other... We need them, they need us... Respect the forest and land.
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  • Your sufferings, Your pain, are your own can't inflict on others. But share with closest as their company can give strength to bear and words can console
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