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  • We set ourselves up for disappointments by having expectations, we never have expectations we shall never be disappointed.
    The thought of life from someone whom has lived.
  • Truth is just a word that hides within a world that is full of lies...
    from a line in a poem... kind of seems a very sad thing about life.
  • Wisdom is a lonely child with none too few to slay...
    My look on this world and its endless stupidity.
  • When the World gets you down, remember its still underneath your feet.
    trials of life
  • War with all its evil schemes can be the biggest act of kindness
    just a thought
  • Sour is still a flavor its just not has sweet
    Just the taste of life
  • Loves less often felt for those whom fall far short the plight
    Observation of life
  • The hardest pathway walked in life leaves a trail that you can't lose...
    An observation on how those that have lived a life of debauchery cannot escape the judgement of others.
  • GOD cannot be to us, what we are to him...
    Observation of life
  • Has our LORDs sorrow was for us, so must our joy be for him...
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