Quotations From SANTHOSH KANA

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  • The first love didn't last long becoz I was so new to it. The latest one too becoz I am so experienced that there's nothing new to it! ! !
  • Life is about gradual disillusionment and the challenge is how graceful you can make it.
  • This world sees and celebrates scholars but misunderstands and ignores genius.
  • Those who are shocked at your popularity or achievements are the ones who have underestimated you.
  • There is nothing conventional in Love
  • contentment and insecurity are inversely proportional.
  • Contentment and Insecurity are inversely proportional
    santhosh kana
  • What keeps me happy, refreshed, passionate and motivated as a teacher is that I happily forget outside the school that I am a teacher.
    santhosh kana
  • The language of Love has no script but a great oral tradition of literature
    Santhosh Kana
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