Quotations From SHERIF MONEM

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  • Learn how to resist your inner voices and temptations.
    Be in control.
    In many instants in life the inner voices talking to you may misleading you and the temptations are wrong.
  • Life is Endurance.
    Life is full of pain. It is inescapable. This is life whatever we pretend. Not everything in life comes our way.
    Life is endurance is consolation that you are not alone who endure but everybody else.
  • Mind is gift of god.
    Mind is very precious thing and is our source of self esteem.
    Our mind gives us confidence.
  • Learn in life to win.
    Life is struggle and don't surrender make your goal to win.
  • Women are the men's prize.
    Men search for women to fulfill his desires and soul searching.
  • Many things are unknown to me but what they are? they are
    unknown to me.
    Many of things I discover they were unknown to me.
  • I hate life and I hate death. What to do?
    Confusion of choices.
  • I hate life and I hate death
    A quandry
  • Happiness Killing ten Roaches
    Cockroaches are nuisance
  • Today is yesterday dreams.
    Innovations and inventions.
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