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  • the key to let someone persuade you is to listen to that person
    if someone want to manipulate you his key in doing that is his words, so to make sure that you are safe don't listen to any stranger
  • wisdom is to think how not why and purpose is to think why
    aking why earth was mead is to ask about the purpose but asking how is to try to get the wisdom of doing i just use earth as an example
  • energy is more important than life itself
    we are living in planet where everything compose of particle of vibrating energy so energy is very important for any none and living things
  • the greatest civilization human kind has ever face is social media
    the minds of young people is brainwashed my media each day
  • An unplanned day is a disaster
    wise man plan their day ahead
    wise man have goals for each day and plane for their future ahead
  • No one is perfect but evil people love to appear good in public
    every human has fault but those who are bad always want to be love by appearing in public good
  • purpose gives man life
    vision gives man the force to move forward
    challenges make him strong
    life without purpose is not life and purpose without vision has no way forward and journey without challenges is boring
  • Everyone is A Genius only when they find their field of interest
    most people are not performing to the greatest of their ability because they are in wrong field of study, sport, work, business ect
  • Studying without imagination is like flying without wings your destination is the ground
    it does not make sense to study mostly science without imagination
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