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  • As great as head may be, it is what it is; it can err in its choice as heart.both must sometimes even rule themselves.
    a saying
  • Life being too short and love time still shorter, we ought to squander not a wink in tearing each other wolf-like for a handful of dust of which we are owner only on paper.
    life being too short
  • When a child's sprouting heart and head are sowed with the seeds of quality patience and absolute honesty, prison has no raison d'etre.
    When a child's
  • Honesty that makes itself thoroughly agreeable by itself, is the genuine mirror for all forms to look into, to promote their course of lives accordingly.
    a saying
  • The task appears much more difficult to lure back my elusive mind to me and to the loveliness of the tasselled bowers than to subjugate the weakness and wickedness of my heart.
    an observation of self
  • How the ever nascent desires keep hopping all around me in pack, each growling for personal attention, in terms of priority.
    personal observation
  • The initial conquest of next door territory, soon extended from cities to empires, has laid the first stepping stone to large scale robbery whose side effects seep into all transactions of daily life at global level.
    a personal view
  • The faith littered fundamentals called paradise, accredited with the copy right and monopoly for providing gratification to all raw senses, has led to the latest revelation of the sacred text-DRUG
    an observation
  • Is it feasible to wipe clean to birth level, my inner looking glass, besmeared with layers of ignorance, with the stain remover of understanding, so that I could see my real me?
    a wish!
  • I was just like an empty cage when at the first sign of understanding, a bird called consciousness flew in, in search of me and reveals me to myself that I was no more the owner of my own emptiness.
    sudden insight
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