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    I wanted to learn to fly, not because it was the smart thing to do in the 1920s, but because I was afraid of anything that flew.... I reasoned that if I learned to fly, I might conquer my fear of it. The remedy worked.
    (Joy Bright Hancock (1898-1986), U.S. naval officer. Lady in the Navy, ch. 3 (1972). In 1925, Hancock's husband of fifteen months had died in a plane crash. Here she was explaining why she became a student pilot in the late 1920s. Later, she would become an officer in the WAVES, the U. S. Navy's women's division.)
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    With furious wings and vindicate thought fly until you touch the sky.
    (I made it to inspire my own self to gain victory in this internal war of mine.)
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  • 13.
    I hate flies and mosquitoes
    (Nuisance insects)
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    True love is like a flying dove! !
    (True love.)
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    Be careful not to mistake a high-flying vulture for an eagle
    (give attention to the minutest detail)
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    “The shell must break before the bird can fly.”
    ( Alfred Lord Tennyson)
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    'If you fly in imagination but deny the reality, you are not prepared'.
    (- - Pijush Biswas, Indian Poet, [12 July,1988})
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    It's the wing that flies not the feathers.
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    Being successful is ignoring the flies around you and being deaf of criticism.
    (Susan T. Aparejo's personal quotation)
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  • 20.
    I'd like to fly and become part of the beautiful blue plan.
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