Quotations About / On: FOG

Quotations About / On: FOG
H.G. (Herbert George) Wells
The science hangs like a gathering fog in a valley, a fog which begins nowhere and goes nowhere, an incidental, unmeaning inconvenience to passers-by.
Samuel Beckett
We may reason on to our heart's content, the fog won't lift.
kassem oude
He's granted piercing sight who sees through thick fog.
Suman Pokhrel
I chose none to ask, why the wind was blowing there chasing the fogs.
Dewitt Bodeen
Even as fog continues to lie in the valleys, so does ancient sin cling to the low places, the depressions in the world consciousness.
Saiom Shriver
Flags of fog flap not but float above the kingdom of Neptune. They dance only to the anthems of neeptide tunes.
Suman Pokhrel
Lampposts look in the glow of their defeated light robbed by the fog but cannot tell if the streets lying by stretching limbs in courtyards are sleeping face downwards or supine.
Bill Grace
Spiritual vision emerges through the fog of personal experience and culture and is both dependent upon and transcendent of these things. Bill Grace
Herman Melville
It is plain and demonstrable, that much ale is not good for Yankee, and operates differently upon them from what it does upon a Briton; ale must be drank in a fog and a drizzle.
Peggy Noonan
I love eulogies. They are the most moving kind of speech because they attempt to pluck meaning from the fog, and on short order, when the emotions are still ragged and raw and susceptible to leaps.
Rutherford Birchard Hayes
Arrive at New Orleans, a city of ships, steamers, flatboats, rafts, mud, fog, filth, stench, and a mixture of races and tongues. Cholera, "some." [At] Planters' Hotel. Mem:—Never get caught in a cheap tavern in a strange city.
Dalton Trumbo
What a fog! Plane been buzzin' around overhead for the last half hour. Must be like trying to find your way through the inside of a cow. I never did see such a country. Even the birds are walkin'.
Norman Mailer
On a late-winter evening in 1983, while driving through fog along the Maine coast, recollections of old campfires began to drift into the March mist, and I thought of the Abnaki Indians of the Algonquin tribe who dwelt near Bangor a thousand years ago.
Ben Hecht
I see a lot of fog and a few lights. I like it when life's hidden. It gives you a chance to imagine nice things, nicer than they are.
Samreena Lodhi
Best time is the time spent alone with yourself in dark and fog, where the cold wind touches your face making it cold and giving your eyes the warmth of tears which rolls down on the cold cheeks. When you think about so many things and yet you try to forget and forgive.
Adeosun Olamide
The media and its indubitable legitimisations would echo for keeps, too, its conveyance of darkness and in the know of unhackneyed minds, acute to this stinky fog, we who have descended in the compass of hatred, thinking it warrantable, would be inseparable from the vile.
Sotirios Skoufis
Bukowski vs Skoufis - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Charles Bukowski: Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality. Sotirios Skoufis: Love is the first daylight of reality that burns a fog.
William Shakespeare
Fair is foul, and foul is fair, Hover through the fog and filthy air.
Dave Cole
Matter energizes, and energy matters. ***** In the fog of the many (composites) , there are the few (primes) . *****
Ludolf Dauphin
Across the river, a smog of dense fog hidden All the mango trees

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