Quotations About / On: FOREVER

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    'Forever is not forever; there's only one eternity.'
    (Adam M. Snow)
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    'Surely yes, a brother in Christ forever! Could we be friends on Earth forever? '
    (from a poem 'Hope' (written for all Christians to be united))
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    If you want a good family, treat them as you would need them forever...So that they would need you forever....
    (Love must be your priority... C.F. Lewis one said remember your acts of kindness and love are far more important than anything...anyone else does....)
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    'Forever is just a word but for the people who knows how to appreciate that simple word, there will be forever.'
    (To share my thoughts.)
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    'Bad news: Nothing lasts forever. Good news: Nothing lasts forever' -Unknown
    (This quote speaks to me in many ways. It's a quotation full of mixed emotions. Nothing lasting forever is both positive and negative. When going through heartbreak and sadness, it doesn't last forever, though it feels like it will. When going through love and happiness, you want it to last forever, but the reality kicks in soon enough.)
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    The truth is original! The truth is forever.
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    As fish leap back into water, we hastily jump into forever.
    (Though we came from forever and heading to forever, life under the Sun is very short, a moment long.)
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    “Visit me once each year, for its wrong to abandon people forever.”
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    Let the truth give a lamp to you forever!
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  • 10.
    Let the throne of the truth be established forever! !
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