Quotations About / On: FRIEND

Quotations About / On: FRIEND
Muzahidul Reza

A friend demands a friend; a good friend demands a good friend; a noble friend demands a noble friend; a polite friend demands a polite friend; a pious friend demands a pious friend; also an ill friend demands an ill friend. Of course, sometimes, the demands of friend criss cross level and class. Therefore, one is how their friend is.

Muzahidul Reza

Friends are in three kinds: friend, good friend and the best friend. Thus, friend also goes in class dividing.

Tinashe Mupedzapasi

passionate friends feel for you, strong friends strengthens you.all of them are good friends

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Friends' friends are often friends; beloveds' lovers are often rivals.

Muzahidul Reza

A friend is good friend when they like good for themselves and for their friend.

Shalom Freedman

There are bad times friends, and good time friends, and the best of all, all-weather friends

Muzahidul Reza

Meet the friend in sad mood but leave the friend in fresh mood. That's the great objective of friend.

Muzahidul Reza

Say, 'hi, my friend'. Receive, 'hi, my friend'. Good for good is friend.

Muzahidul Reza

Share your pain with friend as you share your happiness with friend. Share your want with friend as you share your prosperity with friend. Then see, how friend is! How friend does.

Samuel Richardson

A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother.


No one is a friend to his friend who does not love in return.

Andrew Jackson

"Mr. Van Buren, your friends may be leaving you—but my friends never leave me."

Henry Brooks Adams

A friend in power is a friend lost.

Walterrean Salley

Friends fall out, but never breakup; that's why they are friends.

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

One bad weather friend is better than one thousand fair weather friends.

Daya Nandan

My dear friends truth be told, the trust of a friend surpasses any pot of gold/

Subrata Ganguly

When you have no friends, you should consider loneliness as your friend.

Ojok Isaac

If I lost one friend, I get more new good friends

Godiah Imbukuleh

A funny friend is the best friend

Muzahidul Reza

A good friend works complementarily of a friend.