Quotations About / On: HAPPY

  • 71.
    A long happy marriage is a closeness beyond close and a nearness beyond near
    (A long happy marriage is something I wish everyone could have. To those who have never been there it is hard to describe.)
    More quotations from: Darwin Henry Beuning
  • 72.
    Photographs take me to the past and holds me there, just long enough to be happy.
    More quotations from: Tarun Mathew
  • 73.
    Saying one's mind is the key for living a happy life in the midst of people.
    More quotations from: Alade Abayomi Idris
  • 74.
    The secret to happiness is being happy!
    More quotations from: Abhishek Shah
  • 75.
    The submission to the will of the creator will always keep you happy and content.
    (philosophy of life)
    More quotations from: M A Uzefa Rashida
  • 76.
    I dont need love as I have money to make myself happy..
    ('I dont need love as I have money to make myself happy..! ! ')
    More quotations from: Krishnakumar Mishra
  • 77.
    To be tolerant and happy in all situations is basic condition of spirituality.
    More quotations from: Ramakrushna Sahu
  • 78.
    'If you want to be ethical: be innocent, be philosophical, be religious, and be happy.'
    (- -Nathan Coppedge, March 2016)
    More quotations from: Nathan Coppedge
  • 79.
    “Its hard not to be happy when youre eating a big steak.”
    ( Bigger than a Bread Box)
    More quotations from: Laurel Snyder
  • 80.
    “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.”
    More quotations from: Rabindranath Tagore
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