Quotations About / On: HOLOCAUST

  • 1.
    Hate leads to holocaust.
    (Etienne Charilaou)
  • 2.
    May the world learn from the Holocaust that the claws of Nazism should not be allowed to spread their venoms again in our time.
    (Worried about mass shootings that drown human conscience of those who commit these crimes.)
  • 3.
    Well, from what you tell me I should say that it was not only a landslide but a tidal wave and holocaust all rolled into one general cataclysm.
    (William Howard Taft (1857-1930), U.S. president. Taft to his Secretary of State, Philander C. Knox, who had called the election returns of 1910 "a landslide." Archie Butt, Taft and Roosevelt: The Intimate Letters of Archie Butt, Military Aide, 2: 556, Doubleday, Doran & Company (1930).)
  • 4.
    ...the Holocaust has been like a fad, a rock group losing its original sound, a fashionable form of dress that outlives its popularity ... it has been commercialized, metaphored out of reality, glamorized, been severed from the historical fact.
    (Irena Klepfisz (b. 1941), U.S. Jewish author; born in Poland. "Resisting and Surviving America," 1982. Dreams of an Insomniac, part 2 (1990). Klepfisz, a Jew born in Poland in 1941, escaped the 1943 Warsaw Uprising; her father had been killed on the second day of the Uprising. They emigrated to Sweden, then, in 1949, to New York City.)
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