Quotations About / On: HUSBAND

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    Some are going out to join their husbands, some to find a husband, some few peradventure to leave a husband.
    (Anthony Trollope (1815-1882), British novelist. "The Journey to Panama," Lotta Schmidt: and Other Stories, vol. 1, London, Strahan (1867).)
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    Personally, I don't like a girlfriend to have a husband. If she'll fool her husband, I figure she'll fool me.
    (Orson Welles (1915-1985), U.S. filmmaker, actor, producer, and Based On The Novel Be. Michael O'Hara (Orson Welles), The Lady from Shanghai, internal narration (1948).)
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    She will keep no fool, sir, till she be married, and fools are as like husbands as pilchards are to herrings—the husband's the bigger.
    (William Shakespeare (1564-1616), British dramatist, poet. Feste, in Twelfth Night, act 3, sc. 1, l. 33-5. Referring to Olivia; "pilchards," small fish, are common off European coasts.)
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    A woman who insults her husband is not well trained!
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    Righteous morals prepare the ways of peace like, the way brides adore their husbands.
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    A husband who insults her wife is not well trained.
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    A wife who insults her husband is not well trained.
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    When a husband's story is believed, he begins to suspect his wife.
    (H.L. (Henry Lewis) Mencken (18801956), U.S. journalist, critic. A Mencken Chrestomathy, ch. 30, p. 620, Knopf (1949).)
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    Never trust a husband too far, nor a bachelor too near.
    (Helen Rowland (1875-1950), U.S. journalist. "Finale," A Guide to Men (1922).)
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    Families are great murderers of the creative impulse, particularly husbands.
    (Brenda Ueland (1891-1985), U.S. author and writing teacher. If You Want to Write, 2nd. ed., ch. 1 (1938).)
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