Quotations About / On: IMAGINATION

  • 41.
    What a glorious gift is imagination, and what satisfaction it affords!
    (Thomas Mann (1875-1955), German author, critic. Originally published as Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull, Fischer (1954). Felix Krull, in Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man, bk. 1, ch. 1, p. 8, trans. by Denver Lindley, Vintage Books (1955).)
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  • 42.
    Memory is imagination pinned down.
    (Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, Sixth Selection, New York (1989).)
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  • 43.
    Imagination at wit's end spreads its sad wings.
    (Samuel Beckett (1906-1989), Irish dramatist, novelist. The narrator, in Ill Seen Ill Said, p. 17, Grove Press (1981).)
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  • 44.
    The imaginations which people have of one another are the solid facts of society.
    (Charles Horton Cooley (1864-1929), U.S. sociologist. Human Nature and the Social Order, ch. 3 (1902).)
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  • 45.
    Taste is nothing but an enlarged capacity for receiving pleasure from works of imagination.
    (William Hazlitt (1778-1830), British essayist. "On Taste," Sketches and Essays (1839).)
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  • 46.
    ... the imagination needs moodling,—long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.
    (Brenda Ueland (1891-1985), U.S. author and writing teacher. If You Want to Write, 2nd. ed., ch. 4 (1938).)
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  • 47.
    ... an actor is exactly as big as his imagination.
    (Minnie Maddern Fiske (1865-1932), U.S. actor. As quoted in Mrs. Fiske: Her Views on Actors, Acting and the Problems of Production, ch. 3, by Alexander Woollcott (1917).)
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  • 48.
    Where there is no imagination there is no horror.
    (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), British author. Sherlock Holmes, in A Study in Scarlet, ch. 5 (1887).)
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  • 49.
    Only in your imagination can you revise.
    (Fay Wray (b. 1907), U.S. screen actor. International Herald Tribune (Paris, Feb. 22, 1989).)
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  • 50.
    The greenest island of my imagination.
    (George Gordon Noel Byron (1788-1824), British poet. letter, Nov. 17, 1816, to poet Thomas Moore. Byron's Letters and Journals, vol. 5, ed. Leslie A. Marchand (1973-1981).)
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