Quotations About / On: INSPIRATION

  • 1.
    inspiration is in the side of inspiration
  • 2.
    Father is the symbol of inspiration and love.
    (P A Noushad)
  • 3.
    Inspiration is divination.
    (Muses (spontaneous combustion))
  • 4.
    It's not an inspiration, it's survival which can make you great.
    (Survival and Greatness)
  • 5.
    "Inspiration is the thing we look for, while waiting to live our lives".
    (Live for the moment)
  • 6.
    Frame limitations into inspirations
    (learnings of life)
  • 7.
    You will find inspiration, when you stop being in constant frustration.
  • 8.
    functional is the functionality of a inspiration
  • 9.
    a functional side is a functional inspiration
  • 10.
    a side is a side of inspiration
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