Quotations About / On: JOURNEY

  • 1.
    A journey without any obstacle is not a journey at all.
    (You cannot find a journey where you don't face any difficulty.)
  • 2.
    I have been on a journey since birth, today I have started a new journey.
    (Journey of no return)
  • 3.
    The journey of a thousand miles will surely turn out to be a journey of a single step, it's just a matter of time.
    (Time factor...... Idowuzion 2019)
  • 4.
    The only thing we consider important is the goal and ignore the journey. All the leaning lies in the journey.
    (Jahan Zaib)
  • 5.
    people will buy into your journey, if you find out what your truth is and make it a part of your journey.
    (Ivan Brooks Sr)
  • 6.
    just as every baby starts the journey of life with one step after the other so we will all start our own journey in life with our mind.
  • 7.
    Sometimes the longest journey is from silence to words.
    (Nosheen Irfan)
  • 8.
    Dance is the guide of the spirit's journey to the stairway of heaven.
    (Shah Asad Rizvi)
  • 9.
    Enjoy your journey to Destination, to make it more worthy!
  • 10.
    Life is a journey of adventures, take the lead and start your expedition.
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