Quotations About / On: JOURNEY

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    A journey without any obstacle is not a journey at all.
    (You cannot find a journey where you don't face any difficulty.)
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    I have been on a journey since birth, today I have started a new journey.
    (Journey of no return)
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    The only thing we consider important is the goal and ignore the journey. All the leaning lies in the journey.
    (Jahan Zaib)
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    people will buy into your journey, if you find out what your truth is and make it a part of your journey.
    (Ivan Brooks Sr)
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  • 5.
    just as every baby starts the journey of life with one step after the other so we will all start our own journey in life with our mind.
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  • 6.
    Failure is part of a successful journey, so stay focus and keep working hard.
    More quotations from: Joseph Sakyiamah
  • 7.
    My thoughts and my feelings, only those who understands my journey, will understand my achievements.
    (Life Loneliness Achievement Companionship)
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  • 8.
    Life is a long journey with lot of hurt
    (Life experience)
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  • 9.
    Before you reach your destination make sure you make your journey is inspiring!
    More quotations from: Neeraj Kumar
  • 10.
    Life is a compulsory journey without detour! !
    (Motivational inspirational)
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