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    Political life at Washington is like political life in a suburban vestry.
    (Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author. "The American Invasion," Court and Society Review (March 1887).)
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    One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead.
    (Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author. Rose-Leaf and Apple-Leaf: Envoi.)
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    Life and death have been lacking in my life.
    (Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), Argentinian author. Prologue, Discussion [Discusión] (1932).)
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    so its a new morning, life is not rosy, life is not moon, stars and daffodils, it is not a river dale story, life is brutally dark, life is ugly, life is Bukowskian and now i am loving this darkness
    (a picture and a story)
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    'Life is hope and hope is life. When there is no hope, life cannot go on. But remember, hope can never truly disappear. It is always there, waiting for you to catch it again. Hence, there is no time where life just cannot go on. Its whether you want it to. Infact, life feeds off will and will comes from hope.'
    (Esther Tan)
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    'Life is like a flashlight, people seem to like the light, but they hate life, they don't realize when turning on and off the flashlight life is happening, like turn on a flashlight and pretend it's your life, the moment you either turn off the flashlight or the battery dies that your life dying..'
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    'What is the source of morality? Perhaps the following: •A long life is more valuable than a short life. •A short life can be forgiven. Using this principle, the only way to be blamed is if one lives a medium-size life. But such is ridiculous by any standard! Therefore, if we have a standard (longevity or forgiveness) , we are forgiven. But there is no getting rid of the standard. Hence morality.'
    (- -Nathan Coppedge, the key to morality and ethics (contained in Spiritual Writings Entry #169) , May 2016.)
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    Live life how you want too, Live life to the fullest, Live life to the greatest, when you live life how you want to and to the fullest and greatest you will understand how to live life and what it means to live it! !
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    A human's life, a life is only a life whilst it's being alive, but a life without God, it can seem to be alive and yet it's dead, but with God, one lives forever.
    (A human's life!)
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    ''A luxurious life is no life at all on this world, A life with kind thoughts is a life which brings you all the wisdom through which you can look at the beauty of this life'.
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