Quotations About / On: LIGHT

  • 1.
    Don't try fighting the darkness in light, instead embrace the light the darkness will become light.
  • 2.
    Light comes from the inside which shows the heart way to love. Love drinks light Love grew for the light in the heart
    (Love and Light)
  • 3.
    Not only light is a light but also dark is a light.Because most of animals get to see clear in the dark.
    (Dark is a light.)
  • 4.
    I yearn to reach the end of the tunnel because I hear there's light, but if there won't be light I'll be glad I carried my own light with me.
  • 5.
    No candle loses it's light while lighting another candle
    (The teacher loses nothing if he teaches others)
  • 6.
    Either all lights are turned off or one inner light is missing.
    (Dejan Stojanovic)
  • 7.
    The light of love is the light of peace and joy!
  • 8.
    The light of the truth is the light of hope.
  • 9.
    The light of love is the light of peace.
  • 10.
    The Insistent Instant of light- -something more real than light which is merely found.
    (- Nathan Coppedge, to be published in the Spiritual Writings and Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit Appendix I, Part 2.)
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