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    love does not love, so don't love love.
    (never fall in love with the idea of falling in love)
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    The human heart is a vacuum of emptiness without love. We may be able to love and strive to love with all our will and emotions, but our human love is so limited that at anytime it can fail to live in love. We need therefore to come to the source of all love, Jesus Christ, the source of real love, the agape love. Knowing him and his way of life enables us to learn to truly love.
    (On Valentine's Day, on the human incapacity to love to the fullest and in need of the source of all love...)
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    my inspiration is to love, love and love, until even those who felt the opposite learn that love is the greatest cure of success...
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    Love God and he will love you, show love and concern for all his children and he will love you the most.
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    I love many things including Love. I love Love.
    (Kenneth Maswabi (25/12/2016))
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    Loving yourself is not equal to loving others. Love others as you love yourself
    (Kenneth Maswabi (25/12/2016))
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    If you Love literature..You must love poetry..And if You love poetry you Must fall in Love with may Pen..
    (© Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi All Right Reserved 2016.)
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    Im in love with love with the idea of being in love who is to judge me may it be of love
    (To the one)
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    There's a big difference between the statements 'I'm loving God so that He will love me' and 'I'm loving God because He loves me.'
    (My personal reflection on 1 John 4: 10.)
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    Without loving, how can you say, what is love? First love you then say you, what it is love?
    (What is love?)
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