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  • 51.
    When you love (love being action and you the actor) you do not love. When you are love (where there is no actor but action) then only you are in love. Love is not a concept of movement from and to. It is state of whole and complete existence where you are not.
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    Happy Valentine's Day to those who have found their love, to those who have lost their love and still looking, to those who love but whose love is rejected or not reciprocated, or to those who simply imagine what it is to fall in love and to be loved in return!
    (Valentine's Day 2016)
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    The story is very beautiful, never break the heart which but it loves, takes to liking and that old love keeps haunting, forget it not, nor is it forgotten once the heart got ached. Military men, the bravehearts' wards meeting in cantonments and bivouacs, taking to gipsy life and loving irrespective of caste, creed, society and its age-old customs, are bound to shake the foundations. Love is love, alters it not, once you saw with love.
    (The aches of love)
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    Our generation delimited the definition & horizon of Love in a box that mainly refers to love between a boy & a girl. Love has a broader & profound meaning beyond this box. Surely, the highest state of love is Love of God, a love between creations & the Creator.
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    I love us is batter than I love you
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  • 56.
    'Rejected love is far remembered then accepted love'
    (Inspired by Marry)
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  • 57.
    Love was, is and will love be even if different is the dawn.
    (From my poem 'Fragrance of Love'.)
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    love says 'be desperate not be affectionate always' that what love desires
    (love says 'be desperate not be affectionate always' that what love desires)
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  • 59.
    'Never curse love, for God made you out of love'
    (Menkato Awomi)
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  • 60.
    Loving own country is to love peace
    (those don't love their own nation, in fact they create restlessness)
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