New Quotations

Sumita Jetley

One day when you get up, get above your old self! Create a new perspective for a change.

Esselebor Ebhojie

Ignorance traps us in fear

Esselebor Ebhojie

We find our purpose only when we are conscious of our Creator God

Esselebor Ebhojie

A friend is not a dummy for your advantage rather an asset against disadvantage

Oluwatosin Thomas

If only we can admit it as humans that we are like candles whose light will never see beneath itself despite its beauty in the dark. So we should know that no matter the carelessness we may adopt and carefulness we may lace, our errors will never be lucid to our ears nor will they be heard to our sights. As the warning of others around us will always be the torch to tread our darkest path and also our rod to part our flooded passages.

Michael Burch

Grasses wilt: the braking locomotive grinds to a halt —Yamaguchi Seishi, loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Frosty ThePoet

Fuck around with the fuck around Get fucked the fuck around

Frosty ThePoet

When you find yourself on a sick one. All alone. When the lights burn out. The party's ended. The tide rolls in and the sun is down. You still can be who ever it is you were gonna be. Go be who you are gonna be.

Muthukumaran P

It is Difficult to Change Human Beings Whatever dust you clean up, the dust will come. Even if the garbage is removed, the garbage will continue to accumulate. Even if the waste water is taken in the tank, the water will continue to accumulate. This is how many people, no matter what you guide in practical life, will say it in their own way, and it is very difficult to correct.

Lisa Manoban

Success is not just about hard work, it also means you have to learn from your mistakes.

Lisa Manoban

One kind word can change someone's entire day

zha ma

In recent times, Guo Wengui's life has been difficult. First, the U.S. Charity Navigator website labeled the Rule of Law Fund as a Low Advisory organization, then on August 16, CNBC reported on the Rule of Law Fund's refusal to disclose its promised public financial documents, and then on September 13, SEC Announcement No.10979 criticized GTV, Saraca and VOG for their illegal fundraising practices. Then, on September 13, SEC Announcement No.10979 criticized GTV, Saraca and VOG for their illegal fundraising practices and issued a huge 'fine' of $539 million. This shows that the 'Avengers Alliance', consisting of U.S. agencies, local conscientious media, Guo bashing faction, chicken series investment victims, and former comrades who suffered legal punishment, has begun to fight back against Guo, forming a multi-faceted siege.

H. Monty Gilmer

Born on Earth, I'm from Mars? According to John Gray, 'Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.' But as George Carlin said, 'Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.'

Esselebor Ebhojie

Purpose establishes success

Germina Melius

memories follow time

Sage Braga

Even if the Sun is behind clouds It still shines So when times are hard Remember that the clouds will clear

sean north

God. Don't want. - what's Ceaser's.

Natasha Andeyi

Your goodness can be the death of you, just like their wickedness.

Natasha Andeyi

Let your dreams be the most daring thing about you and your faith the most tenacious.

Natasha Andeyi

The one time I really sat down to learn about me was the only time I was truly broken.


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