Quotations About / On: POWER

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    'The power of power lies in power'
    (It is through a powerful determination that a man understands the powerful fruits of power.)
  • 2.
    But the relationship of morality and power is a very subtle one. Because ultimately power without morality is no longer power.
    (James Baldwin (1924-1987), U.S. author, and Nikki Giovanni (b. 1943). Conversation November 4, 1971, London, England. A Dialogue (1973).)
  • 3.
    It is a strange desire, to seek power, and to lose liberty; or to seek power over others, and to lose power over a man's self.
    (Francis Bacon (1561-1626), British philosopher, essayist, statesman. "Of Great Place," Essays (1597-1625).)
  • 4.
    Will power defeats all powers
    (Will that makes a man)
  • 5.
    Out of power, Marxism can develop critical intelligence; in power, it quickly becomes stupid.
    (Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, Third Selection, New York (1986).)
  • 6.
    Liberal—a power worshipper without power.
    (George Orwell (1903-1950), British author. "Politics and the English Language," Shooting an Elephant (1950).)
  • 7.
    In the United States, though power corrupts, the expectation of power paralyzes.
    (John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908), U.S. economist. repr. In A View from the Stands (1986). "The United States," New York (November 15, 1971).)
  • 8.
    The power of the people and the power of reason are one.
    (Georg B├╝chner (1813-1837), German dramatist, revolutionary. Trans. by Gerhard P. Knapp (1995). Danton's Death, act III (1835).)
  • 9.
    Purchasing power is a license to purchase power.
    (Raoul Vaneigem (b. 1934), Belgian Situationist philosopher. The Revolution of Everyday Life, ch. 7, sct. 3 (1967, trans. 1983).)
  • 10.
    Many are in severe trial in life mainly due to three facts, ignorance, vengeance, misuse of power from the part of power and authority.
    (Nash Thomas, Kadammanitta, Kerala)
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