Quotations About / On: RUNNING

  • 1.
    'Never Run after Money or Success, Run after your passion & Dream, Success & Money automatically run after you.'
    (#Country #Dream #children #life #smile)
  • 2.
    It is easier to be alone in the short run, but not in the long run.
    (To Life)
  • 3.
    Even a home run isn't counted as a home run unless you reached homeplate.
    (Don't celebrate your success or accomplishments before seeing them successful to the end.)
  • 4.
    Dont run after fame, Let fam run after you
    (Neptune Barman)
  • 5.
    'A immature person Run after 'Outer Beauty' but a Matured person run after 'Inner Beauty'.'
    (#Country #Dream #children #life #smile)
  • 6.
    'Great minds never run after people, they run after their own work! '
  • 7.
    A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run.
    (Ouida [Marie Louise De La Ramée] (1839-1908), British novelist. "Moths," Wisdom, Wit and Pathos (1884).)
  • 8.
    Any leader that runs out of ideas should as well run out of office. ~Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu
    (Leader, politics, ideas, run, office)
  • 9.
    'If you run after money, you may not be successful but if you run after success, then money will follow you automatically! '
    (- My Quote)
  • 10.
    No one have the power to run your life for you what you becomes in life is a function of how you have run your life
    (to all my friends out there)
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