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  • 31.
    Love is too common of a theme in poetry and song, for a change, let's focus on HATE
    (Osakis, Minnesota, early morning, visiting my sister. My sister, Gail has written more 42 songs, and she was composing another. I was making suggestions on various verses. Love is always her theme. I jokingly made the above statement. But, seriously, LOVE should rule us all.)
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    when I tell you that I love you it's good to see songs burst from your eyes
    (from the poem 'music'(2001) by r soos)
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    For several centuries what has passed for song in literary circles was any text that looked like the lyrics for a commonplace melodic setting.
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    “Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savor their songs.”
    (― Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom)
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    Poetry is a painted kind of romantic, but song lyrics are just a warped version of love that used to be.
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  • 36.
    Sometimes on our walk with God our steps get off beat thankful for God's song it helps us to get back in rhythm.
    (Tameeka Smith(2016))
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  • 37.
    'Poem has its own melody like a song. A poet soul must write not to impress but to EXPRESS. '
    (For You My Lord)
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  • 38.
    Who said CHH can't make love songs? CHH is all about love and its Author, homies!
    (After listening to Christon Gray's 'School of Roses' album.)
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  • 39.
    This is a catastrophic universe, always; and subject to sudden reversals, upheavals, changes, cataclysms, with joy never anything but the song of substance under pressure forced into new forms and shapes.
    (Doris Lessing (b. 1919), British novelist. Johor, in Shikasta, "Johor reports," p. 3, Knopf (1979).)
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  • 40.
    I have such an intense pride of sex that the triumphs of women in art, literature, oratory, science, or song rouse my enthusiasm as nothing else can.
    (Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), U.S. suffragist, author, and social reformer. Eighty Years and More (1815-1897), ch. 17 (1898).)
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