Quotations About / On: SORROW

  • 41.
    No memories of felicity save with faint ruffle of sorrow
    (Samuel Beckett (1906-1989), Irish dramatist, novelist. The narrator of "All Strange Away," in Rockaby and Other Short Pieces, p. 62, Grove Press (1981).)
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  • 42.
    Sorrow is tranquility remembered in emotion.
    (Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), U.S. humorous writer. Here Lies, "Sentiment," (1939). For the original, see Wordsworth on poetry.)
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  • 43.
    Once more, adieu. The rest let sorrow say.
    (William Shakespeare (1564-1616), British dramatist, poet. King Richard, in Richard II, act 5, sc. 1, l. 102. Bidding farewell to his Queen as they are separated.)
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  • 44.
    Sorrow ends not when it seemeth done.
    (William Shakespeare (1564-1616), British dramatist, poet. Duchess of Gloucester, in Richard II, act 1, sc. 2, l. 61. Lamenting her murdered husband.)
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  • 45.
    There's no such thing as old age, there is only sorrow.
    (Edith Wharton (1862-1937), U.S. author. "A First Word," A Backward Glance (1934).)
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  • 46.
    When you depart from me, sorrow abides, and happiness takes his leave.
    (William Shakespeare (1564-1616), British dramatist, poet. Leonato, in Much Ado About Nothing, act 1, sc. 1, l. 101-2. Expressing his pleasure in welcoming guests.)
  • 47.
    The pleasure that is in sorrow is sweeter than the pleasure of pleasure itself.
    (Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), British poet. A Defence of Poetry (written 1821, published 1840).)
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  • 48.
    Lost in autumn breeze, where to go to find solitude; when everything is filled with calm sorrow.
    (Lost, Sorrow, Loneliness)
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  • 49.
    Patience is a decisive wait of sorrows and temptations. The patient man made his cell to a grave.
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  • 50.
    I am alone, and there is no where I can express my sorrow and woe, so people jeer upon me and ridicule, that I write.
    (- - Pijush Biswas, Indian Poet, [12 July,1988])
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