Quotations About / On: STAY

  • 1.
    Stay on course with the truth! Stay upright! ! Because, the truth is forever.
  • 2.
    Stay with the truth and, stay on course! With a positive self conscience.
  • 3.
    Stay away from evil acts and, live with the muse of the truth.
  • 4.
    Stay away from evil acts and, live in peace with your neighbours.
  • 5.
    You loose your worth, when you stay for too long.
    (People, Society, Worth)
  • 6.
    Failure is part of a successful journey, so stay focus and keep working hard.
  • 7.
    Train your mind with the truth and, let the truth stay in your blood.
  • 8.
    Even a seed has to stay buried for sometime to become a big tree
  • 9.
    I would rather stay sober in personality than getting drunk in attitude.
    (Just an observation)
  • 10.
    Desires stay unaware of man's fragile existence authored by scarcity.
    (Desire by Suman Pokhrel./ Pokhrel, Suman. Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, ed. 'Suman Pokhrel Translated by Dr Abhi Subedi'. Translated by Abhi Subedi. Life and Legends.)
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