Quotations About / On: SUNSHINE

  • 1.
    Friendship is common like eastern sunshine; love is rare like western sunshine.
    (to my students)
  • 2.
    A smile brings the sunshine and the sunshine always bring opportunities that when dealt with with care they help realise our hopes and dreams
  • 3.
    A compassionate flower, brings sunshine to each heart, such a wonderful blossom in our lives.
    (Heart's Blossoming!)
  • 4.
    Love is, when someone brings sunshine to your heart! ! !
  • 5.
    Nothing gets more beautiful than the sunshine caressing the face of a sweetheart.
    (Lamar Cole)
  • 6.
    Where is the sunshine you promised me in this love?
  • 7.
    There is no sunshine in this love.
  • 8.
    Rain and sunshine are part of nature.
  • 9.
    Te plants need rain and sunshine.
  • 10.
    Love brings sunshine to your heart.
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