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    Culture is an instrument wielded by teachers to manufacture teachers, who, in their turn, will manufacture still more teachers.
    (Simone Weil (1909-1943), French philosopher, mystic. The Need For Roots, pt. 2, "Uprootedness in the Towns," (1949).)
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    On this Earth many student-teacher relationships abound. But, as a Teacher, beware of Satan's Touch.
    (This morning, as usual, reviewing poems on Poemhunter. This came to me after reviewing the poem, 'My Perfect Rose', by Barry Tebb. I rated it a '10'.)
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    What keeps me happy, refreshed, passionate and motivated as a teacher is that I happily forget outside the school that I am a teacher.
    (santhosh kana)
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    His role was as the gentle teacher, the logical, compassionate, caring and articulate teacher, who inspired you so that you wanted to please him more than life itself.
    (Carol Lawrence, U.S. singer, star of West Side Story. Conversations About Bernstein, p. 172, ed. William Westbrook Burton, Oxford University Press (1995).)
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    In one's life for putting forward the first step mother is the very first teacher, father is the second, the teacher is the third & a friend is the most important teacher for the construction of an improved & better life.
    (as the most of the time is spend with a friend a good friendship gives us the good teaching as if the nectar but the bad we get is as poison in the construction of life.)
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    A teacher and a student! Always in life.
    (Life's journey.)
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    There is a teacher to everything in life!
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    To everything in life, there is a teacher.
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    A teacher is to pupil, what compass is to a traveler.
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    Education is success of life, boat of hope; the teacher allows this baton for the students.
    (Ronjoy Brahma (b.1994) , The Techers' Day (Sept.5,2016))
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