Quotations About / On: TORN

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    No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.
    (Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. The Figure a Poem Makes, Collected Poems (1939).)
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    It is easy to make a smile into tears. But it is hard to make tears into smile
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    Tear-timely evidence appearing real. What can be more real, true or immediate than a tear?
    (The ear in heart)
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    There is little for the great part of the history of the world except the bitter tears of pity and the hot tears of wrath.
    (Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), U.S. president. Address, September 13, 1919, at Oakland, California. Wilson was speaking extemporaneously on his last western tour on behalf of the League of Nations.)
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    Tears are the scent for human soul.
    (to my students)
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  • 6.
    Wipe my tears with love.
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  • 7.
    Let the reason behind your tears be the same reason behind your strength.
    (Ivan Brooks Sr)
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    Carry only as much of mortal dust of tears that shadow of your death can trust
    (from my poem THE SILK WHITE GLOVE)
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    My tears and my heart seem to be drunk.
    (Mann Bhatia)
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  • 10.
    The more tears gulped then the more laughter sipped
    (The harder the struggle then the larger the reward)
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