R. Ariffin

Rookie - 142 Points (1975 / Johor, Peninsular Malaysia)

R. Ariffin Poems

41. Scattered And Crystallized 4/10/2011
42. Time Machine 4/12/2011
43. Another You 7/6/2011
44. I Am Home Where I’m Not Supposed To Be 8/21/2011
45. The Flickering 10/23/2011
46. The Tide 12/7/2011
47. I Was, Until I Was No More 12/8/2011
48. Leave The Lights On 12/17/2011
49. Solace 3/14/2012
50. Do You Smile Now? 7/31/2012
51. As If Tomorrow Would Come In Black 10/18/2012
52. A Sweet Kind Of White 11/7/2012
53. No More 11/7/2012
54. Wireless 1/21/2013
55. Your Black Persona 2/11/2013
56. The Caffeine Partnership 1/3/2014
57. You Glow, And Burn 4/26/2014
58. Hell Can Burn Itself To The Ground 8/25/2016
59. Torture 9/1/2016
60. Deranged 9/16/2016
61. When Hope Whistles In Dire Moments 8/17/2017
62. Clouded Hearts Are Reigning 5/21/2010
63. At The Atrium Of The Sun 1/8/2013
64. 'Radiance Once More' 10/8/2009
65. Orbital Bliss 5/26/2009
66. For Being Stupid 5/1/2011
67. Purple 11/15/2012
68. Hate 12/1/2011
69. The Soul Of My Pulsing Heart 11/25/2010
70. The Lover Who Lies 11/5/2009
71. November 11/19/2009
72. An Empty Seat 5/26/2009
73. Melancholy Is The Chemical 10/8/2009
74. Imagining 10/8/2009
75. Between Gertrude And Nicholson Street 10/20/2009
76. The Satellite 11/2/2009
77. Far Away 10/9/2009
78. A Troubled Star 10/8/2009
79. Look Into My Eyes 6/19/2009

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Best Poem of R. Ariffin

Look Into My Eyes

So you may see that a soul can never transcend
Without the other to occupy its absence
That absence is the common singular of loneliness
And loneliness is madness to my conscience

So you may understand that my devotion is celestial
That extends and gyrating in beauty afar
And ignorance is a soundless and heartless supernova
That kills and obliterates every living star

So you may remember that hope is like an ocean
That love is nothing but waves upon your feet
And the heart is nothing but sands on the shore
That is constantly altered and shaped by it

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Shadows And Stars

My love, my queen, my forever shining jewel
I've shared and walked with you, knowing unwise
That I have been walking along the path of all things beautiful
Without the pleasuring company of your sunset eyes

Your love is grey and cold with subtle taste
Rigid and broken along its kindness for convenience
Sometimes a heart can nourish with littlest glow
Sometimes, even the brightest star can lose its radiance

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