R. G. Bell Biography

BA (English) - The Citadel.1974. Masters of Fine Arts (Creative Writing) - The Univ. of Dallas 1982.

My goal in writing poetry is to reveal small truths in the hope that occasionally something profound will come along for the ride. Few, if any, of my poems are as simple as they may first appear. If a word has two (or more) meanings, they might all be taken profitably within the context of the poem.

For some vigorous chewing, I invite the serious reader to take on 'The Seventh Day; ' the idle, internal musings of The Creator commenting on His own work. It was 25 years in the making, and I still see 'new' things in it with each reading.

I try to write in a style and language that is 'accessible' to any reader who speaks English natively, but who does not generally read poetry. Yet, at the same time, I try to build multiple layers of thought and meaning and effectively employ technical poetic devices in order to command the interest of the more sophisticated reader.

Published 'Whispers of Madmen' with Matt Fontana. Available from Amazon. Autographed copies available. Email me here on poemhunter.

R. G. Bell Popular Poems
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