R.J. Bevans

R.J. Bevans Poems

1. Is There A Beauty? 2/25/2005
2. The Best Flamingos 3/24/2005
3. Or Orange 12/27/2004
4. Antennas Might Glow 10/25/2004
5. Today In Summer 8/5/2005
6. Seethe Apparition 11/2/2005
7. All Cove 10/25/2004
8. No Target. Still Shootin’. 10/25/2004
9. Superior-Pedal 5/22/2005
10. Alyssa Half Explained 7/7/2003
11. This Shower 2/20/2004
12. The Road 7/3/2003
13. Rocks 7/14/2008
14. Hard Tacet 1/15/2004
15. The Jaw Bone 1/3/2005
16. Because These Drunken Friends Are Loved 10/25/2004
17. By Venus For Venus: 7/12/2003
18. Pistachio 7/3/2003
19. The Fences 7/3/2003
20. This North 12/10/2003
21. Symtop 6/18/2007
22. Years In Compose 5/25/2006
23. The Moth Meets The Inside Out 10/25/2004
24. On The State Of Being Exigently Unsatisfied 7/3/2003

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On The State Of Being Exigently Unsatisfied

The sight of your eyes seeks the maligned contenders.
The breath in your lungs seeks the young, candied air.
The sure in your heart seeks the purely fictional.
The drone in you soul seeks the known conditional.
The brine of your blood seeks the bud not the petal;
For a petal is grown whilst the bud is unsettled.

The taste in your tongue seeks out the drunkard’s glass.
The scratch of your nails yearns for the failure of love.
The smug in your smile seeks the beguiled artisan.
The lust in your loin seeks a cock-in-mouth partisan.
The rot in your gut ...

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The Jaw Bone


I’m verily Ashamed
And rather Saddened.
Barely Conquering.

Now to laugh or cry
At the preposterousness
Of we sweet, skipping,

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