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1. The Witness (For M And For S) 10/5/2007
2. Envying The Egyptians (For Cecil B. De Mille) 3/23/2008
3. Waiting For A Train...For 'M' 6/21/2008
4. Repentance 7/10/2008
5. Parallel (For Karen) 7/18/2008
6. The Heart (For Ali-Ba) 7/19/2008
7. Today I Cut 8/14/2008
8. You Know What I Wish? 8/15/2008
9. No Muse No Poems No Hope (W/ App. To E. E.) 8/21/2008
10. Today This Soul 9/12/2008
11. Dear Frank O'Hara 9/12/2008
12. My Heart Fluttered... 'I Have Remembrances Of Yours... 9/13/2008
13. Peaches 10/2/2008
14. Why Poets Have Jaundiced Eyes 10/15/2008
15. The Question At Five A.M. (For Anjani) 10/18/2008
16. An Agreement With God 10/21/2008
17. This Morning I Went To Take A Walk...(York Avenue) 10/21/2008
18. After Emily Bronte 11/3/2008
19. For The Cutter 11/9/2008
20. For Most Folks Deception Is 11/9/2008
21. Neglect 11/10/2008
22. Night 11/11/2008
23. Hazel's Alone 11/12/2008
24. Christmas Lament... For Tony 11/25/2008
25. What I Can Do Out Of The Goodness Of My Heart...For Awhile 12/18/2008
26. My Coat... For Norman (If God Wills It So) 12/20/2008
27. Christmas Banshees 12/23/2008
28. For Annshalike 12/30/2008
29. Before The Ousting 1/28/2009
30. I Look Into Your Eyes 1/28/2009
31. Poets.. (For Mark G And Ron S) ...Whoever They May Be 1/28/2009
32. Hymn To Abduction...With Thanks To Norman Who Inspired This 1/29/2009
33. Separate Graves (For You) 1/30/2009
34. To Be Obsessed With Dalliance 2/3/2009
35. Trifle 2/7/2009
36. Winter Fruit (For Mary O.) 2/7/2009
37. Walking In Traffic For E.E., And The Blind Man I Do Not Know 2/11/2009
38. One More 2/13/2009
39. Now The Monster Comes! 2/19/2009
40. The Only Love Poem For You 2/19/2009

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I Wanna Touch God

i wanna
touch god
where he lives
if it's silence
or vibration.

i wanna reach
out to see
if he is real.
like when you
skin a knee
or break a beer
bottle on the side
walk and hear it

i wanna smell god
like the sun when it's
hot and yellow.

i wanna see god
like emptiness.
that rainbow moment
when something means something:
when the east is pitchblack
and the western sky
is just right.
like a rainbow.

i wanna touch god
feel him
like bactine in
a cut.
i wanna feel him, ...

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Twenty-three minutes before
I have to go.
Thinking of you a hundred miles
Away. Why do I keep up
This charade this dark
Comic book lie?

When I see you I bury
My feelings like a love

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