R.K. Cowles Poems

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Fat Cat [humor]

[for those who try to make fun of poetry by using cat and mat you aren't cool reciting poor poetry.This makes fun of them]

A cat, so fat
With a dilemna

The Games That Kids Play [children]

[one of 2 attempts at a children poem]

Out in the yard playing cat and mouse
Climb up a tree o the tree house

Animated Abode [dark]

Its windows for its vision that scans you
Its shadows for its hand that feels you
Its doors for its mouth that relishes you
Its halls for its throat that swallows you

Black Diamonds For Dead Gypsys [dark][death]

A generated glow from the sun
And a cascade of rain
Illuminating an arc of brilliant colors
Throughout the universe


A poem so aged
Momentarily wrinkled, smudged
A poem read so much
Trouble of translation of

I Bike [bicycling]

I bike
Because I'm capable of
managing it
Saddle my hind end


Eluding the peril
Dreamt off apparel
A clown's imitation
An artist's creation

Evil [money][reality]

If money is the root of all evil
Why do we maintain the presence of it?
Wouldn't most evils in the world perish off
If we derootthe use and possession of it?

Distraught (Dark])

Roaming this barren earth daily
As the sun radiates this terrain
The atmosphere grows hateful
I quest for a quench of comradeship

World Sickness (Dark)

There's an illness on this Earth
I said there's an illness on this Earth! ! !
I'm not speaking of flues, colds
upset stomachs, fevers, nor dirrhea