R. K. Hart

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R. K. Hart Poems

81. I Met A Man. 8/25/2012
82. Let Go And Let God. 8/6/2013
83. Wise Men Say. 8/4/2012
84. The Adventures Of Maddie The Mouse…dancing Fleas And Beautiful Smelling Cheese 12/9/2013
85. My Love Flies. 7/29/2015
86. Who Can Find Her. 3/1/2014
87. Bugles Last Post. 5/15/2015
88. Strengh In Sorrow [mary] 8/21/2012
89. River Girl 8/23/2012
90. Speak'N Aussie. 11/6/2012
91. Prayer On The Valley Road 9/10/2012
92. A Rose 10/9/2012
93. He Rides The Dog Fence. 1/22/2013
94. Heavens Rewarding Crowns 10/15/2013
95. The Warrior 5/19/2013
96. She Is My Home 10/12/2012
97. He 10/9/2012
98. I Spoke 5/3/2013
99. Why 5/26/2013
100. Lovers And Loving 7/26/2013
101. A Fathers Words To His Child. 9/13/2012
Best Poem of R. K. Hart

A Fathers Words To His Child.

Children are the gentle breezes for which parents plea.
They come they play around us then they flee.
We would hold them to our breast,
Protecting against all of life's dreadful tests.

You teach and doggedly hold.
But the day must come when they break from the mold.
With resounding break of a parental heart.
They step away, a life of their own to start.

I watched a beautiful young woman as she stepped the isle.
With maids surrounding she flashes her parents a comforting smile.
Where is the tomboy, who bowled the boys out?
And where is our back yards ...

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Wise Men Say.

There are things to search for in your days.
There are things to hunt down to correct our ways
Attributes that make us better men.
Better men for both our wives and children.

One such thing I have found a difficult item to trace.
I have searched mountain high and valley low for grace.
Grace is a difficult thing to grasp.
When I think I have a hold it slips away and laughs.

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