R K Summers

Biography of R K Summers

Hailing from the grim and grey North East, RK Summers is a great lover and hoarder of books. Her love of the literary world began at the tender age of five, when, as a ridiculously serious child, she wrote her first ‘story’ about a dancing tree, complete with a bittersweet ending as a lament for the loss of fairy tale magic.

Her fascination with the ancient legends of Britain has led her into many adventures in Faeryland, and she often requests to be given back to the faeries if she’s found wandering.

When she’s not writing down these adventures, she enjoys the music of Loreena McKennitt, the peace and quiet of woodland, and picnicking.

Her vices include (but are not limited to) addiction to coffee, sugary foods, tormenting human beings, and video games.

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Queen Mab

Listen for her ancient songs,
Of twilight and of shades,
It takes her home where she belongs,
A land of masquerades.

She dances in the heart of storms,
Her fire could drive you feral,
She twists and turns in many forms,
Your mortal life in peril.