R.S. Farris

Rookie (Memphis, Tennesee)

Biography of R.S. Farris

R.S. Farris

Likes: French operas on NPR
Dislikes: Artificial grape flavoring
Laughs At: 'Dangerous' 6-year-olds
Pulls Her Hair Out When Sitting Next To: People who make annoying tapping noises during recitals
Makes Money By: Babysitting twin boys and their ridiculous brother
Endures: Dogs who bark during nap time
Is In Love With: Statuettes of Bach and Schumann
Is Not A: Calvinist
Has very good taste in: Names
Is Planning To Set Up A: Felting studio
Just Made Her First Purchase On: Ebay
Has A Favorite Punctuation Mark, Which Is The: Semicolon
Wishes She Was: Watching 'Amelie'

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To Dr. And Mrs. Mcgraw

Do you kiss on New Year's?
Do you still flirt, laughing at each other's
Faces as we laughed back then?
Do you eat chocolates and build
A big puzzle, now that you're old?
Do your layers of sweaters still match?
Do you still correct him, gently, as the
Memory of two doctorates slowly
Slips away?

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