Rabi Anata

Rabi Anata Poems

1. It Comes In A Load 2/27/2008
2. When The World Manifests Its Death 7/6/2009
3. All The Basking 8/25/2009
4. What Papa Always Said 8/25/2009
5. Crash And Burn 8/25/2009
6. Love Me Again Instead 8/27/2009
7. Remember Adolescence 8/27/2009
8. This Isn'T A Feeling 8/27/2009
9. Simplicity Of Fish 7/29/2010
10. Ghost 8/7/2010
11. Who Heeds? 8/7/2010
12. Great Ache 8/23/2010
13. Push 4/17/2011
14. And There Is God 4/17/2011
15. It's Not Time 4/26/2011
16. Gone Away 7/12/2009
17. Old House 8/1/2009
18. Truly, It's Perfect 8/12/2009
19. My Cynosure 8/12/2009
20. Open Eyes 8/14/2009
21. On The Verge Of Tears 8/22/2009
22. Arcane Dream 7/7/2009
23. Will I Be Behind 7/7/2009
24. Something Amazing Dripping Red 7/8/2009
25. It Reconstructs 6/23/2009
26. Endless Fight 6/25/2009
27. Heaven Is Bursting 7/6/2009
28. Smile When The Sun Don'T Shine 11/24/2006
Best Poem of Rabi Anata

Smile When The Sun Don'T Shine

She walked through streets
All day long,
She skipped and smiled
And sang a song.
She went to markets,
Here and there.
She looked at dolls
And teddy bears.
But all she had
Was just two cents.
Her pockets were
All filled with lint.
What ashame...
You would have said
Such a sweet girl...
Her life so bad.
Not enough money
To buy one doll.
Lived a penniless life
But wore a smile.
Wore tattered clothes.
Having to deal with the
Oohs, Ahs, and Ohs.
Never did she,
Shed a tear.
She had no worries,
She ...

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Endless Fight

Someone said he would look after me
But I'm left here fighting lonely battles
I've shared all my trust
And cried all my tears
The rivers I left behind we're trips out to nowhere
I find myself lost
And I wanted someone to find me
But I wanted to be left in quiet
To fight the situation within myself this time

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