Rachel Branscombe

Rachel Branscombe Poems

1. The Train 10/12/2012
2. Swing Free 10/12/2012
3. Life-The Changing Story 10/12/2012
4. The Darkness 12/1/2012
5. The Storm 12/2/2012
6. Darkened World 12/2/2012
7. Ghost Life 1/17/2013
8. Memory Lane 3/5/2013
9. Untold Poem 3/5/2013
10. Darkness 5/5/2013
11. Teens Lament 12/15/2013
12. I Wonder What Life Would Be Like 12/15/2013
13. Memory History 12/15/2013
14. Fire 12/15/2013
15. Love 12/2/2012
16. Conversation With God 12/2/2012
17. Unexplained Feeling 12/2/2012
18. Frightened Night Child 12/2/2012
19. I Remember It All 12/2/2012
20. One's Imagination 1/15/2013
21. Man's Last Stop 12/3/2012
22. Dreams 12/2/2012
23. Friends 12/2/2012
24. Lord I Give My Heart To Thee 10/12/2012
25. Darkened Night 1/15/2013
26. Would You Do Something To Change The World? 10/12/2012
Best Poem of Rachel Branscombe

Would You Do Something To Change The World?

Oh, what would life be like if things always stayed the same?
If worlds never changed, what would it be like?
The poor would always be poor and the hungry would be left unfed.
Would children always be children?
Would the lonely always be lonely?

Even the littlest change can have a big difference
Like a smile when you are sad
Or a rainbow after the storm
What if just a little change, forever made someone's life better?
Would you do something to change the world?

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Life-The Changing Story

The world we live in is not a nice world
Everywhere you go there is violence, poverty, and crime
The list could go on forever
But imagine what it would be like if it was switched
What if the world was a wonderful place?
A place where everyone gets along
There is no poor, no sick, no suffering
Class is gone and war is history

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