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1. The Breath Of Death 10/17/2011
2. Awkward Feelings 10/17/2011
3. Whatever... 10/18/2011
4. You... 10/18/2011
5. Its Not An End, Its Just A New Begining...9-29-11 10/18/2011
6. Looking Up 10/18/2011
7. Bena ≪3 10/18/2011
8. I'M Threw 10/20/2011
9. Two Months 10/20/2011
10. So What If I'M Crazy 10/20/2011
11. Girls Are Hypocrites 10/23/2011
12. Pretty Lying Boy 10/24/2011
13. You'Ve Got Me Bamboozled 10/26/2011
14. Firefly's 10/29/2011
15. The Black Hole Inside Of Me 10/31/2011
16. How I Feel 11/1/2011
17. Liar, Liar 10/14/2011
18. A Week And Two Days Later My Feelings Are Still The Same 10/14/2011
19. Lies 10/16/2011
20. Numbness 11/24/2011
21. Your Game 11/24/2011
22. Your Just Another Leaf If The Wind... 11/26/2011
23. A Memory Thats Fading... 12/8/2011
24. 'I Can'T See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel' 12/13/2011
25. Heartbroken? 12/20/2011
26. Cut 12/21/2011
27. Missing You 12/22/2011
28. Tried 1/1/2012
29. Your Face! 1/5/2012
30. That Blue 1/7/2012
31. Forgive And Forget... 2/7/2012
32. Fly High Girly 2/8/2012
33. I Don'T Know What To Call It And I Don'T Like It Either 5/31/2012
34. Flat Line 12/13/2012
35. I'M Not A Princess In A Tower... 11/1/2011
36. I'M Done Playing Your Game... 12/11/2011
37. If They Only Knew 10/16/2011
38. Hurt 10/14/2011

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Best Poem of Rachel Byrum


I guess i just got burnt
By those pictures of you and her
Did we mean anything at all
Or was i just a toy
Something fun and shiny
To keep you occupied
Well I'm not a toy
I have feelings
And i got hurt.
Does honesty mean a thing to you
If it does how can you be so cruel
I thought you cared about me
I thought that was the reason we broke up
Or were you lying to me
When you told me it was messed up
That i was the one in trouble for being in a relationship with you
Were the things you said just lies
Have you been playing me all this time

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Liar, Liar

I'm not a liar
But you threw me into the fire
I'm not a traitor
But you threw me under the bus
I hate crying
But you made me feel like i was dying
I never told you how i felt
Cause i knew you wouldn't care
Even after i told you we weren't together

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