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1. The Breath Of Death 10/17/2011
2. Awkward Feelings 10/17/2011
3. Whatever... 10/18/2011
4. You... 10/18/2011
5. Its Not An End, Its Just A New Begining...9-29-11 10/18/2011
6. Looking Up 10/18/2011
7. Bena ≪3 10/18/2011
8. I'M Threw 10/20/2011
9. Two Months 10/20/2011
10. So What If I'M Crazy 10/20/2011
11. Girls Are Hypocrites 10/23/2011
12. Pretty Lying Boy 10/24/2011
13. You'Ve Got Me Bamboozled 10/26/2011
14. Firefly's 10/29/2011
15. The Black Hole Inside Of Me 10/31/2011
16. How I Feel 11/1/2011
17. Liar, Liar 10/14/2011
18. A Week And Two Days Later My Feelings Are Still The Same 10/14/2011
19. Lies 10/16/2011
20. Numbness 11/24/2011
21. Your Game 11/24/2011
22. Your Just Another Leaf If The Wind... 11/26/2011
23. A Memory Thats Fading... 12/8/2011
24. 'I Can'T See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel' 12/13/2011
25. Heartbroken? 12/20/2011
26. Cut 12/21/2011
27. Missing You 12/22/2011
28. Tried 1/1/2012
29. Your Face! 1/5/2012
30. That Blue 1/7/2012
31. Forgive And Forget... 2/7/2012
32. Fly High Girly 2/8/2012
33. I Don'T Know What To Call It And I Don'T Like It Either 5/31/2012
34. Flat Line 12/13/2012
35. I'M Not A Princess In A Tower... 11/1/2011
36. I'M Done Playing Your Game... 12/11/2011
37. If They Only Knew 10/16/2011
38. Hurt 10/14/2011

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Best Poem of Rachel Byrum


I guess i just got burnt
By those pictures of you and her
Did we mean anything at all
Or was i just a toy
Something fun and shiny
To keep you occupied
Well I'm not a toy
I have feelings
And i got hurt.
Does honesty mean a thing to you
If it does how can you be so cruel
I thought you cared about me
I thought that was the reason we broke up
Or were you lying to me
When you told me it was messed up
That i was the one in trouble for being in a relationship with you
Were the things you said just lies
Have you been playing me all this time

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The Breath Of Death

Winter time
Splinter time
Fingers cracked
Icy cold
Reaches in
While darkness closes in the din
Fire light
And candle light
Light the way into the night

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