Rachel Fogle Poems

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Even Now.....

Even Now I love U,
Even Now the pain is so real,

Even now I wonder how do I escape all that I feel?

Anger, Hurt & Betrayl

So many time's I've blamed myself for the out come of you & me.
And all along I realize I was just to blind to see that.
That Anger at myself for allowing you to brake the most precious part of myself that I swore I wouldn't take.

Heartache's Child

Beautiful, loving & happy and care free.
This is what my Kirstie is and will always be.

I'd give anything to take her pain,

Through The Eyes......You Reach Ones Soul

Through the Eyes of him I see depth, I see lite upon his soul.
I see reflections of a man who has tasted his weight in gold.
I see hardship & great strength and a very arrogate stroll.
I see bittersweet success that the price has yet to be told.

Beauty....Forever Fair

Like the Pyramid's of long ago, we know what beauty can behold.
The power that surrounds it and the essence that it holds.
And even after millions of years, trapped upon the sands.
The Beauty that once was there, still proudly does it stand.

Sweet Sounds

Morning sounds cling to us so soft and sweet they play.
Like gentle drops and tree tops, they make for a better day.

A call from the wind and a touch by a brezze will carry us away,

An Innocent Child

She hides in the corner,
Scared and alone, no comfort from the ones whom she depends on the most.
Wiping a tear away, realizing it will do her no good.
Because in her world, tears just go unheard.

The Heart Of A Lover

You are to me what I never knew I wanted.
Giving me love and acceptance like no other.
To know your love is a comfort I find reassuring.

Just Discovered Heart

Today I saw for the first time so clear and sure the love I had missed and maybe ignored.

Not on purpose or to be cruel or mean.

I Never Knew

Years have gone by since we met.
Choices have been made, and allot of love gained.

Yet....still in the distance feelings are there......